Posted by: cemmi | September 16, 2018

Week Three: 9/17/18 – 9/21/18


How Can I Make New Stuff From Old Stuff? Slides

How Can I Make New Stuff From Old Stuff? Student Edition

MONDAY: Discuss Reading 1.1. Conduct Activity 1.3 – Demonstration and Review of Substance, Mixture, and Property (p.4). Read Reading 1.2 – What Makes a Substance a Special Kind of Stuff? (pp.8-11).

HOMEWORK: Complete the question on p.11 of your book from Reading 1.2.

TUESDAY: Check in homework and reflect on Reading 1.2. Introduce Lesson 2: Do Fat and Soap Dissolve in the Same Liquids? Conduct Activity 2.1 and determine if the substances were soluble in water or oil. 

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: M&M Investigtions – Designing and conducting our own experiments to investigate the effects of water on the candy coating of M&M candies. 

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

FRIDAY: Conduct Activity 2.2 – Investigating Solubility of Soap and Fat (pp.14-15). Share out and analyze data. Lesson 2 wrap up and notes. Introduce Reading 2.1 – Why Can I Easily Wash Soap off My Hands with Water? (pp.16-18).

HOMEWORK: Finish Reading 2.1 (pp.16-18) and answer the questions along with the reading. 

Social Studies

MONDAY: Constitution Day! Discuss the role of and importance of the Constitution. Play iCivics – Do I Have a Right?

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

TUESDAY: Discuss and read 1.5 – 1.6 of the Geography Alive textbook (GA pp.19-20). Complete ISN pages 7-8.

HOMEWORK: Complete ISN page 7 if you did not finish during class.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Check in Isn pages 7-8. Introduce the World Leaders Series 2 Trading Cards. Choose three people to research for the creation of your cards.

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

FRIDAY: Celebrate International Peace Day and explore the meaning behind the United Nations holiday. Pop Quiz over sections 1-6 of chapter 1.

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

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