Posted by: cemmi | September 30, 2018

Week Five: 10/1/18 – 10/5/18


How Can I Make New Stuff From Old Stuff? Slides

How Can I Make New Stuff From Old Stuff? Student Edition

MONDAY: Reflect on the Hunting the Elements video from last week. Introduce Lesson 3 and brainstorm about melting points. Return and review the Lessons 1 and 2 quiz from last week. Investigate a temperature vs time graph to learn how to understand and analyze one. See how to set up the apparatus to find the melting points of our substances Tuesday 

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

TUESDAY: Make predictions for Activity 3.1 Do Fat and Soap Melt at Different Temperatures? Set up the apparatus and collect data for Activity 3.1 (p.20-21). Share out and analyze potential errors in our data. Discuss our results and complete the Conclusion questions on p.21.

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Create models to explain what we think is happening to molecules of soap and fat as they change states of matter. Evaluate the models of classmates and refine our own models to reflect our new understanding. Conduct Reading 3.1 Melting Points (pp.22-24) together, and discuss answers to the questions in the reading.

HOMEWORK: Complete Reading 3.1 Melting Points (pp.22-24) and answer the questions if you did not do so during class.

FRIDAY: Explore how to perform a scratch test on metals. Make predictions on how the size of a substance will affect its relative hardness. Conduct Activity 3.2 – Does The Size of Something Affect Its Properties (pp.25-26). Introduce and assign Reading 3.2 – Which Properties Can I Use When? (pp.27-28)

HOMEWORK: Finish Reading 3.2 – Which Properties Can I Use When? (pp.27-28)

Social Studies

Chapter 2 Pop Quiz = Monday 10/8/18

MONDAY: Chapter 2 pop quiz. Introduce and begin working on the Physical Geography Slides assignment as a table. 

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

TUESDAY: Return and review the pop quizzes form Monday. Complete the Physical Geography Slides assignment as a table. 

HOMEWORK: Complete the Physical Geography Slides group assignment. 

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Evaluate Physical Geography Slides of other groups. Introduce and assign the Exploring Confluences Assignment on our google classroom.

HOMEWORK: Complete the Exploring Confluences Assignment on google classroom.

FRIDAY: Chapter 2 Jeopardy game review. Study for the Chapter 2 Quiz on Monday.

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

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