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Week Six: 10/8/18 – 10/12/18


How Can I Make New Stuff From Old Stuff? Slides

How Can I Make New Stuff From Old Stuff? Student Edition

MONDAY: Conclude Activity 3.2 – Does The Size of Something Affect Its Properties (pp.25-26). Introduce and conduct Reading 3.2 – Which Properties Can I Use When? (pp.27-28). Reflect on the reading and wrap up Lesson 3 with Scientific Principle Notes. 

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

TUESDAY: Introduce Lesson 4. Set up and conduct Activity 4.1 – Exploring the Relationship Between Mass and Volume (pp.29-30). Analyze our data and write the conclusions for the activity (p.30). Conduct Reading 4.1 – How Can Two Objects that Are the Same Size Have Different Masses? (pp.31-35) together.

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Assign the Try This At Home section of Reading 4.1 (p.35). Conduct Activity 4.2 – Do Fat and Soap Have The Same Density? (pp.36-38). Lesson 4 Wrap Up and Scientific Principles Notes.

HOMEWORK: Attempt the Try This At Home section of Reading 4.1 (p.35).

FRIDAY: Discuss the results of the Try This At Home experiments and assign the 7-Layer Density Column extra credit opportunity. Introduce Lesson 5: How Are Fat and Soap Different? Discuss how to write a scientific CER statement and analyze example statements. Set up and begin Activity 5.1: Are Fat and Soap The Same or Different Substances? (pp.39-40).

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

Social Studies

Chapter 2 Assessment = Monday

MONDAY: Chapter 2 Assessment. 

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

TUESDAY: Create the World Leader Trading Cards using the template found on the google classroom and the information researched previously. 


  1. Finish and submit the World Leader Trading Cards by the start of school Friday.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Complete Making a Mental Map of Canada/US (ISN pp.21-22). Read about the Physical and Human Geography of the region (GA pp.42-49) and complete Physical Geography and Human Geography (ISN pp.23-24). Complete the Geography Challenge 1 (ISN pp.25-26). Return and review the Chapter 2 Assessment. Play Find It using the information from Challenge 1. 

HOMEWORK:Complete the Physical and Human Geography of Canada/US Region  (ISN pp.23-24).


FRIDAY: Review questions about the physical and human geography of Canada/US region. Complete Geo Challenge 2 (ISN pp.27-28).

HOMEWORK: Complete Geography Challenges 1 and 2 (ISN pp.25-28) if you did not finish them in class. 

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