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Week Seven: 10/15/18 – 10/19/18


How Can I Make New Stuff From Old Stuff? Lessons 6-11 Slides

How Can I Make New Stuff From Old Stuff? Lessons 1-5 Slides

How Can I Make New Stuff From Old Stuff? Student Edition

MONDAY: Check in and review the Conclusion Questions for Activity  4.2 (p.37-38). Wrap up Lesson 4 with Scientific Principle Notes. Introduce Lesson 5: How Are Fat and Soap Different? Discuss how to write a scientific CER statement and analyze example statements. 

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

TUESDAY: Set up and begin Activity 5.1: Are Fat and Soap The Same or Different Substances? (pp.39-40). Analyze samples of C.E.R. statements. Lesson 5 Wrap Up and Scientific Principle Notes. Introduce Reading 5.1 – What Evidence Would I Use to Tell if the Stones in a Ring Are the Same or Different (pp.41-43).

HOMEWORK: Read and complete the responses for Reading 5.1 (pp.41-43).

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Collect and review p.43 of the book. Read and discuss Reading 6.1 – Could Someone Change Straw into Gold? (pp.47-48). Introduce Lesson 6: What Happens to Properties When I Combine Substances? Conduct Activity 6.1 – Teacher Demonstration of Investigation Procedure (pp.45-46). Share out and analyze data from combining baking soda, road salt, and water. 

HOMEWORK: Finish writing your Conclusion for Activity 6.1 (p.46) if you did not finish during class.

FRIDAY: Lessons 1-5 Assessment. Conduct Reading 6.2 – What is a Chemical Reaction? (pp.49-51).

HOMEWORK: Finish Reading 6.2 and complete the responses in the reading (pp.49-51).

Social Studies

Canada/US Mapping Lab Assessment = Monday 10/22/18

MONDAY: Collect test corrections for the Chapter 2 Assessment. Play Picture It! Game using the information gathered in Geography Challenge 2 on Friday (ISN p.27-28). Gather information on the absolute locations given in Geography Challenge 3 (ISN pp.29-30) using the five thematic maps of the region.

HOMEWORK: Complete Geography Challenge 3 (ISN pp.29-30) if you did not finish during class.

TUESDAY: Play the Where Are You? Game to outline a Claim/Evidence/Reasoning statement about the location of the photograph for Geo Challenge 3. Re-read and submit the two most important notes for each section of the Introducing the Region section of the textbook (GA pp.42-50). 

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Study session for the Canada/US Mapping Lab Assessment (Challenge Day for 8th grade students). Analyze the World Leader cards created and choose which ones go to print. 

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

FRIDAY: Review the notes accumulated by the different groups for the physical and human geography of the region Play US/Canada Review Kahoot game.

HOMEWORK: Nothing.

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